Puppy Pack

Dani Pedraza (Founder)

One summer morning in 2014, I found myself dog walking and sipping on my second cup of coffee. I thought it might be cute to snap a picture of a pup and cup. Once uploaded, I noticed they were starting to gain increasing attention in the Instagram community. “It’s the perfect combo”. Thus, Pups ‘N Coffee was born, and became a passion project of mine. It’s my mission to bring people together, while drinking coffee, to help raise awareness for No Kill Animal shelters and to increase the adoption percentage. With the help of the “Puppy Pack” team, we are building a community that is committed to creating events and projects to keep puppies off of the streets.


I first learned about Pups N’ Coffee through a friend last summer. After being educated about the mission and all the great things Dani had planned I knew I needed to be involved. Since then Dani, Harper (my mini golden doodle) and I have been hosting events, baking organic dog treats and trying to make the dog community here in New York City a better place!